Take a Tour of Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic

If you are coming to visit us, have a read below of what to expect.

We know you have many options for veterinary care and we appreciate the trust you have put in us to care for your pet. We look forward to getting to know you!

Reception Area

Our reception is a good place to obtain information on various veterinary topics that are of concern. Ask our veterinary team a question or pick up a handout on the topic that interests you.

Treatment Area

The treatment area is where much of our blood sampling, intravenous and und urinary catheterization, in-hospital patient check-ups, and many other procedures occur. Our dental table and digital dental X-Ray machine are located here.

Examination Rooms

The examination room is generally where we spend most of our time while you are here for an appointment. We have all the equipment and tools needed to perform complete physical exams of your pet and of course, the treat jars are never far away.


In this room, X-Rays are used to take radiographic pictures. Our digital X-Ray enables us to take pictures of almost any part of pet’s body. Radiographs can be an important part of looking into why a pet is sick.

For safety purposes, staff are the only people allowed in the radiology room. Taking several X-ray pictures of your pet is harmless. The entire room is lined with lead to prevent any X-rays from leaving the room.


If we collect samples from your pet (such as blood, urine, faeces or skin), these samples are taken to the in-clinic laboratory. Some special tests are sent to external laboratories, are first processed and packaged in our lab. The ability to process and run samples right here in the clinic means we have results within minutes.

Surgery Suite

All of our sterile surgeries are performed in this room to reduce the risk of post-operation infections.

Kennel Rooms

We are equipped with a spacious kennel runs that are designed to give maximum comfort for our patients. All pets staying at Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic sleep on blankets and towels.

Feel free to contact us at 613-271-2323 or email: info@kanatalakesvet.ca for a facility tour.