Additional Services

Our clinic provides many services, ranging from routine to advance procedures. We also offer Additional Services which are listed below. 

If you need any further information then please do contact us.

Grief Counseling

Losing a pet can be extremely upsetting, sometimes even more so than you might expect. We have such a close bond with our pets, so letting go is never easy and often filled with pain, sadness, depression. Our team understands theses feelings, as many of us have also lost pets of our own. the emotions we go through are real and nothing to be ashamed of.

Whether your loss is recent or you’ve been grieving for weeks, we are here to help you through this sad transition. We can also help your children understand and cope with their feelings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feel free to contact us at 613-271-2323 or email: info@kanatalakesvet.ca for a facility tour.

Mobile Vet

We now offer stress free house calls/mobile veterinary services! If your kitty or puppy does not like the car ride, we will come to your home!